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Ribbon Cakey Skirt - White

Regular price
RM 35.00
Sale price
RM 35.00
Regular price
RM 49.00

Description 产品描述


奶乎乎香草蛋糕裙 #少女心爆棚


层层蕾丝边拼接 松紧腰围弹性好

内里也是自带安全裤的 不用担心走光

今年很火爆的蛋糕裙结合了蝴蝶结的元素 是必入的一款

松紧腰设计 面料不扎肤的!

The skirt has a full hem with lace layers and a stretchy waistband.

It includes built-in safety shorts, making it worry-free.

This trendy cake skirt with bow elements is a must-have this year.

Its elastic waist and comfortable fabric make it a perfect choice!

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Size Guide 尺寸指南


Size Chart 尺寸 :S / M / L / XL

Model wear M - Height *150CM 45KG*

S : Waist 64cm / Length 35cm

M : Waist 64cm / Length 35cm

L : Waist 64cm / Length 35cm

XL : Waist 64cm / Length 35cm

注意* 全手工测量, 2-3cm 误差属正常范围

All measurements are done manually, 2-3cm error is within in the normal range.

@studioseki All Rights Reserved ©️